Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

Affiliate advertising & comparison chart plugin for WordPress that supports Amazon,, CB & Custom HTML Code. Features custom ad styling, country detection, unique content & proven search engine results.

The Comparipress Price Comparison Plugin For WordPress

The affiliate marketing skill set requires being able to build dynamic product pages featuring price comparisons from a variety of sellers quickly and easily. Maximizing speed and efficiency creates a fresher, more relevant site, and that is one key to ringing up sales. When implementing 20, 50, or 100 price comparisons is on your schedule, it is a must that you have a tool that takes the hassle out of the process so that you can get a wide selection of products in front of your visitors for them to compare, essential to converting visitors into buyers.

A new tool is on the market that is worth taking a look at. Ben Johnson, owner of the Affiliate Wizard website, and is a highly respected leader in the affiliate marketing world. He has released CompariPress, his new price comparison plugin for WordPress. If price comparisons are an important part of your affiliate sites, this innovative software offers features that may give you a competitive edge in keeping your pages up to date, easy to use, and featuring a with a greater selection of deals.

The CompariPress WordPress plugin is designed to streamline the process of producing and showcasing price comparison units (PCU’s) by automating many of the steps you would otherwise have to do manually. It works with most affiliate networks including Amazon or Amazon Marketplace, Overstock, Linkshare, Commission Junction and Affiliate Window. Combine the plugin with phpBay Pro and add eBay to the roster. This puts millions of products within your reach, with commission rates ranging from 3% to well over 15%. With the purchase of the ComparisPress plugin, you are supplied with an unlimited personal site license which allows you to use it with all your sites, regardless of the total number. There are no recurring charges and updates are offered free as part of the package. The more you use the tool, the better value it becomes, and most users feel it pays for itself pretty quickly, since they are able to offer a greater selection to their visitors, resulting in more sales.

Those employing CompariPress to build their pages report that the plugin is easy to install, set up, and use to configure affiliate network settings and display settings. Once running, it offers user friendly, step by step instructions on building CPU’s and adding them to your pages. There is no limit to the number of PCU’s per page. Designing the look and feel of the price comparison units is simple, with different looks to choose from. The large selection of motifs gives you the opportunity to coordinate the style of the CPU’s you build with your site. Once the CPU is designed, it takes just a few clicks to assign it to the page where you want it displayed, and once posted, editing is very easy. In addition, if you select the automatic update feature prices are changed for you, which in itself represents a huge time savings. Finally, the Affiliate Wizard support forum for CompariPress is offered as a free resource for troubleshooting as well as for gaining insight into innovative ways that other users are employing the CompariPress plugin to make their sites perform more productively.

The CompariPress plugin delivers good versatility and is easy to customize to fit your exact needs. Combined with the time savings it offers in building price comparison units, most feel the plugin is well worth adding to their affiliate marketing toolkit.

Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

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Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

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